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Manage Student Associations

You can manage student associations while creating a contact or editing it later.

View Students Associated with a Contact

  1. On the start page, search for and select a contact. 
  2. In this Students section, select Show All to show current, past, and future student associations. Past and future student associations will appear in italics.

  3. Click the student name to access their student pages.

The Original Contact Type refers to the original contact this record is tied to in the original student pages. Only records with an Original Contact Type are mapped back to the original system. The Original Contact Type can be one of the following: Mother, Father, Guardian, Emergency Contact 1-3. Data Access indicates if the contact has access to the student's data through the PowerSchool Parent Portal or email notifications.

Edit Student Associations

Only student associations for the selected school are editable when working at the school level.

Select Show All to view all past, current, and future contact-relationship records between the selected student and this contact. To add a new contact-student relationship record, select Add Students.

If the Unified Home Communications plugin is enabled, the Details page for student associations includes the Communications tab. Use this tab to indicate whether a contact receives general information, confidential information, or neither for the selected student. The Details page includes the Data Access tab if the contact has Web Access. Select the Send Now checkbox to send an email immediately after submitting the page.

Delete Student Associations

If a student association is removed, web access for that student will also be removed. If a student association is removed for a contact with an Original Contact Type, the contact will also be removed from the legacy student pages and fields.

When working at the school level, only student associations for the selected school are deletable.

Add a Student Association

  1. On the Contact Details page, scroll to the Students section.
  2. Click Add Students
  3. Select the student you want to associate with the contact.

  4. Select the Relationship and Data Access if needed.
  5. Click Submit

Change Access ID and Password

If a student has an Access ID, you can change the Access ID or Access Password using the Delete Student Contact Relationship function to prevent the contact from accessing this student's information.

  1. On the Contact Details page, scroll to the Students section.
  2. Click Delete for the student association you want to remove.
  3. Enter the new Access ID, Access Password, or both.

    Access IDs cannot be removed by simply removing the value and submitting this page. Access IDs may only be removed from the student Access Accounts page.

  4. Click Delete and Update Access
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