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Load Validation

Validate the data in your schedule before loading. This process finds any errors that would prevent the system from loading a master schedule.

The Import link does not appear on the Load Student Schedules Queue page if only validation was performed.

Validate Load Data

Before running a load, you should validate the data. The validation process finds any errors in your data and alerts you to potential problems.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page. 
  2. Under Processing, choose Load from the PowerScheduler menu. 
  3. Select the Validate only checkbox.
  4. Click Submit. The engine starts to run. For more information, refer to Build the Master Schedule.
  5. Under Processing, choose (Q) next to Load from the PowerScheduler menu.
  6. Click View in the Results Log column of the appropriate load. 
  7. Make the necessary corrections and continue to validate your data until it is error-free.
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