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Import Student Immunizations

Using the Data Import Manager, you can import student immunizations and update existing student immunizations. To import a new file, select Choose File and select a file to import. Then select Health: Student Immunizations for your Import Into option.

About Importing Immunizations

The Health: Immunizations section of Data Import Manager allows you to import an immunization dose as well as an exemption to a vaccine. The import will also include associated data such as the immunization itself. To associate more than one child record, multiple related rows are included in the import file. Some fields have rules regarding what is a valid value (dates, booleans, code sets). An invalid value may cause a single row or multi-row import to fail.

Multi-row imports have additional checks for duplicates and conflicting values. Below are rules for duplicates and conflicts for each entity. Duplicates are ignored during the import, while conflicts are rejected with appropriate error messages. When processing multiple related rows, the import process rejects all related rows if any of the rows have an error. Review the error messages for each failed row displayed on Import Results.

You can import HEALTHSTUDIMMREC (main rec per vaccine/student) and HEALTHSTUDDOSEREC (0 to N recs per vaccine). Immunization SETUP and Immunization RULES are not imported.

To import more than 1 HEALTHSTUDDOSEREC rec for a single vaccine code import N rows with the same data for HEALTHSTUDIMMREC (no id needed for create or update) and different dose data. 

All the Exemption columns specific to HEALTHSTUDIMMREC should be the same on all rows. If they are not the same, the last one saved will override the rest.

Review the Vaccine record in the District setup to see how many doses we can import per main immunization record. 

Important to note:

  • Import of extensions is not supported although the extension fields are displayed in the Map columns page.
  • Since HealthStudImmRecId is not importable, Do Not process record or Update Existing Record is not considered while adding only exemptions for a Vaccine without any dose details. Record gets updated even when Do Not process record is selected. If you try to update a Dose (by dose number) that existed before, you need to select Update Existing Record or you will get an import error for that record. 
  • You can import immunization information without dose information if you are exempting a specific vaccine from all doses (ie, religious exemption). 
  • Either exemption information or dose information must be included for a particular vaccine record import.
  • For performance and reading and writing the data with the legacy API, the import file should be in continuous blocks by studentID. 




Boolean Flags 

When specified, the values of 0, false, f, no, and n indicate false. 1, true, t, yes and y indicate true. Anything else is an error. Not case sensitive. 

Code Set Values 

When a code set value is specified, it must be a case-insensitive match to an actual code in the database for the applicable code type. 


When specified, the date must be in either mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy format. Any date values not in that format result in an error. 


All Boolean flags and code set values have default values that are applied if no value is specified. In the case of Boolean flags, this can lead to conflicts if one related row specifies a non-default value and the other related row does not specify the corresponding column. 


Empty fields in the import file do not update the field or clear out the data. 

Enter #clear as the field value to clear values. 

Note: Required values cannot be cleared, even if #clear is entered as the value. 


The entire contact or elements of the contact can be deleted by specifying #delete for specific field values. The tables below indicate the applicable fields. 

When records are imported, the following tables/ fields can be affected.

Health: Immunizations   




Must be a valid ID defined in the system 


Empty value is not allowed 


Is the Exemption start date 

Must be a valid date field format (MMDDYYYY) 

Must be equal to or less than the exemption expiry date 


Cannot import without a valid exemption code or exemption start date 

Must be equal to or after exemption start date 





Is ‘Dose Number’ – valid entries depend upon the definition of vaccine 


Required to import a dose 





Is Dose Certification Type 

Must be valid code defined in the system.  Required if dose is included on import row. 





Must be valid code defined in the system. Required if dose is included on import row. 





Must be valid code defined in the system. 

Required if row contains an exemption start date. 

Possible errors:
 (where XX is specific data listed) 

  • No access to student  
  • Attempt to import for a student that the user does not have access to 
  • Compliancystatus: Empty value is not allowed 
  • Value is required 
  • Exemptiondate: Value must be a valid date 
  • Date is not in the correct format 
  • Invalid vaccine code: XX  
  • Code not defined in the system 
  • Invalid immunization source code: XX  
  • Code not defined in the system 
  • Invalid immunization exemption code: XX  
  • Code not defined in the system 
  • Dose number n invalid for vaccine code: XX  
  • Code not defined in the system 
  • Exemption code does not have an exemption start date  
  • Exemption date required 
  • Exemption start date does not have an exemption code  
  • Exemption code required 
  • Exemption expiry date without an exemption code or start date  
  • Exemption code and exemption start date required 
  • Exemption start date after expiry date  
  • Start date cannot be after the expiry date 
  • Date xxx already used on existing dose number n 
  • Cannot have two records for the same vaccine with the same date 
  • StudentID: Invalid 
  • Student is not found 
  • No exemption or dose number 
  • Import record must be for either an exemption or dose 
  • Date administered is required for dose 
  • Date administered is required for import 
  • Immunization source code required for dose 
  • Immunization source code is required for import 
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