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ID/Password Assignment

Assign ID numbers and passwords to the selected group. You only need to complete the steps for the types of usernames/passwords that you want to create. For instructions specific to assigning PowerLunch IDs, refer to Lunch ID Numbers.

Assign an ID/Password

  1. Navigate to the Assign IDs and Passwords page.
  2. Enter the required information.

  3. Click Submit.
  4. Click Back to return to the Assign Passwords and IDs page.

    If a "Warning Page Expired" message appears, click the PowerSchool logo to return to the start page.

    To notify parents and guardians of their new Access IDs and Passwords, create a form letter that includes the data access tags ^(web_ID) and ^(web_Password). For more information about form letters, refer to Form Letters. For additional information, refer to Distribute IDs and Passwords.

Allow Teachers to Change Student Passwords

If PowerSchool is your Identity Provider (IdP), you can allow teachers to reset student passwords:

  1. Navigate to the Additional Preferences page.
  2. Select Allow Teachers to Change Student Passwords When PowerSchool is the IdP.
  3. Click Submit.
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