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Health Management Security

Security for the Health Management setup pages is controlled through page-level permissions. Permissions for the Certifications, Immunizations, and Screenings tabs are controlled independently of one another. For each page, enable page permissions access, set page-level permissions, and then disable page permissions access:

  • Quick Import

  • Quick Import Submit

  • All Immunizations

  • All Screenings

  • Grade Level Entry Certifications Setup

  • Health Setup

  • Health Code Sets

Student Health

Security for the Health Management student pages is controlled through group security permissions. Permissions for the student Health tabs are controlled independently of one another. When setting up group security permissions using the Edit Group page, at a minimum, you need to define the following for users in a selected group:

  • Choose the Access Level indicating the level of permission used as the default permissions for users in this group.

  • In the Accessible Log Types section, select Health to make this log type accessible to users in this group.

  • In the Health and Immunization section, choose the level of permission (No Access, View Only, View/Modify, View/Modify/Delete) for each tab on the District Setup Health page.

  • In the Accessible Student Screens section, select Health to provide access to the student Health Management pages.

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