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Grade Suppression Code

Navigate to a student page and select the Historical Course Grades page. Select Detail View and use the Grade Suppression Code column to verify a replaced course grade. For more information, refer to Historical Grades

Set Grade Suppression Code for a Stored Grade

On the Complete Academic Record Detail View page, select a grade to edit it. You can change the Grade Suppression Code that was set during the Permanently Store Grades process. To prevent grade calculations from changing this value, set the Grade Suppression Calculation to Exclude. If excluded, the Repeated Course Grade Suppression calculation will ignore this value.

When editing a stored grade, use the Grade Suppression Code menu and select:

  • Replaced Grade (R) to indicate the stored grade replaces a course grade.

  • Over Maximum Credit (M) to indicate maximum credit hours. 

The selection does not automatically adjust whether the stored grade is excluded from transcripts, GPA, honor roll, class rank, or graduation calculations. However, you can change these settings manually.

Override the Grade Suppression Policy

On the New Stored Grade page, the Academic Record Entry page, or the Edit Stored Grade page, use the Grade Suppression Policy Override menu to override the section or course's Grade Suppression Policy. The selected policy determines how the Permanently Store Grades process uses the stored grades associated with this grade scale. For more information, refer to Historical Grades.

Add a Replaced Grade to a Transcript Object Report

Navigate to the Object Reports page, and add or edit a Transcript object. On this page, you can include replaced grades in the object report. Open the Columns Field menu and select Replaced Grade. Enter the grade indicator you want to print in the Other Field/Text/Format field. To indicate replaced grades, enter R. To indicate grades suppressed because they were over the maximum credit hours for the course, enter M.

Use a comma to separate multiple grade indicators. Do not include blank spaces between the comma and the grade indicator.

For more information, refer to Object Reports.

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