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End-of-Summer-School Process

When your summer school session has ended, use the End-of-Summer-School Process to close out the session.
This function:

  • Clears students' SummerSchoolIDs and SummerSchoolNotes.
  • Carries forward or clears students' fee balances.

Before using this function:

  • Be sure that the server is able to run uninterrupted while this process runs through to completion.
  • Note this process is irreversible.

Perform the End-of-Summer School Process

  1. Navigate to the End-of-Summer-School Processing page
  2. Select the Transfer Method:
    • Roll over the current balance to roll any fee balances from the Summer School to the student's current home school and school year.
    • Zero the current balance to zero out any fee balances from Summer School.
  3. Click End of Summer School Processing
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