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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version will be available as of 01/28/2024.


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Admin - Improved Filtering Capabilities on Category Completion Report

Admins are now equipped with advanced filtering options on Category Completion reports. Admins can click Apply even if they opt not to use all available filter options and this will load all the available data. As filters change, report metrics such as percent calculation adjust accordingly. When exported, reports mirror the UI-filtered data for consistent insights.

New filter options:

  • Forms Filter: This filter remains unchanged and functions as it currently does.

  • Schools Filter:

    • Exclusive to the District office level.

    • Admins can input one or multiple schools for filtering.

    • A type-ahead search functionality is enabled for efficient school selection.

    • Admins can easily remove previously chosen schools.

    • On clicking the filter field, admins will be presented with a word-wrapped list showcasing all schools within that district pertinent to the selected category.

  • Use Current Selection Checkbox Filter:

    • Default state is initially unchecked.

    • Allows admins to filter data based on their current selections in SIS.

Admin - Student Category Completion Report

The Student Category Completion Report now also reports on pre-registered students.

Admin/Teacher - Restrict to Submit Once Per School

Form Builder Enhancements:

Teacher Forms

  • Restrict to Submit Once per School, a new configuration setting, has been added to the form builder for Teacher forms. Users can enable Restrict to Submit Once for individual and collaborative teacher forms.

    • An additional Per-School checkbox is available when Restrict to Submit Once is enabled.

      • This checkbox is unchecked by default.

      • Users can toggle this checkbox as needed while editing the form.

      • Disabling Restrict to Submit Once will also uncheck the Per-School checkbox.

    • For previously created forms, the Per-School checkbox remains unchecked.

    • A warning message is displayed if a form is edited and the Restrict to Submit Once > Per-School option is enabled and there are existing admin responses from the District office, indicating that enabling this feature will remove these existing responses.

Form Submission Behavior

  • If a teacher/staff member is associated with multiple schools:

    • When Restrict to Submit Once and Per-School are both enabled, the restriction applies per school. Teachers can submit the form once for each school they belong to.

    • When only Restrict to Submit Once is enabled, the restriction applies across all schools. Teachers can only ever submit the form once.

    • If an admin submits a form on behalf of a teacher for a specific school, the teacher cannot subsequently submit the form for that same school. However, they can still submit for other schools they are associated with.

Category Completion Report

  • District Level: When a teacher submits the same form via multiple schools, admins will see percentage calculations and Submitted statuses for each school associated with the teacher's user ID.

  • School Level: Administrators will be able to view the teacher form submission status and percentage calculations for the forms linked to their respective schools.

Response Report

  • District Level:

    • When filtering by response, admins will see multiple responses if they choose to view all schools or filter by a specific school.

    • When filtering by person, admins will view the latest form response, regardless of the school.

  • School Level:

    • When filtering by response, admins will see multiple responses associated with that school.

    • When filtering by person, admins will view the latest form response, regardless of the school.

Approval/Reject Workflow

  • Admins can filter by response and choose to Approve/Reject individual responses as per usual.

  • When admins approve or reject form responses using the Response report and filter by Show by Person or Show by Collection:

    • A message is displayed in the Approval/Reject response dialog, indicating that the action will impact the teacher's response across all relevant schools.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin - Enrollment Express Emails

In some cases, the Enrollment Express email configuration was loading a blank page. This issue was resolved.


Admin - Form Building

Once added to a form, users were unable to remove the Response List element from the form in Edit mode. This issue was resolved.


Parent - Form Submission

Form sharing using select all functionality sometimes caused errors during form submission. This issue was resolved.


Parent - Form Submission

Form submission was unsuccessful when the user filling out the form had a name longer than 70 characters. This issue was resolved.


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