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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version will be available as of 11/07/2023.

In preparation for the forthcoming contact sequencing updates within PowerSchool SIS version PS_23.9.0.0, the Ecollect/Forms Enrollment Express team has made coinciding changes. These enhancements will be released in Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version EEC_23.9.0.0.
It is strongly recommended that customers proceed with upgrading their Ecollect Forms/ Enrollment Express software to version EEC_23.9.0.0 either before or at the same general time as upgrading PowerSchool SIS to version PS_23.9.0.0. This will prevent any potential issues related to contacts, form submission, and form approval.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin - Category Completion Report Percent Calculation

When the Choose Forms filter was applied on the Category Completion reports page, the percentage calculation on the report was incorrect. This issue has been resolved.


Admin - Form Reports

When the Decline to Specify option was unchecked in the Federal Ethnicity and Race settings, the Form Reports page did not load. This issue has been resolved.


Admin - Loss of Form Reports Links

Applying Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version updates to PowerSchool SIS resulted in the loss of Form Reports links in Enhanced UI. This issue has been resolved.


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