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Attendance Codes

Attendance codes are used to define values, points, and calculations for school-specific attendance codes. Use this page to view, add, delete, or edit an attendance code used at your school. You must set up attendance codes before taking attendance in PowerSchool.

Before you can set up attendance codes, you must set up attendance code categories

Work with Attendance Codes

  1. Navigate to the Attendance Codes page.
  2. To add an attendance code:

    1. Click New
    2. Enter the following information:
      The following descriptions are only for fields that require special considerations.




      Enter an attendance code. By default, only single-character attendance codes are allowed. To create multiple-character attendance codes, select Enable multiple character attendance codes on the Attendance Preferences page.

      Code Categories

      Indicate which attendance code category you want to associate with this attendance code.

      Attendance code categories are used to group attendance codes by classification for reporting and searching purposes. In order for an attendance code to count as an attendance code category, the attendance code must be associated with that attendance code category.


      Enter the number of attendance points a student receives for this attendance code, such as absent=1, tardy=2, and present=0.

      Teacher can assign

      Choose whether teachers can assign this attendance code in the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal.

      Lock Attendance Record when Administrator Entered

      Select whether an attendance record is locked when an administrator selects this attendance code for the record. For example, if this field is selected on an attendance code for absent, and an administrator records a student as absent for a day, a teacher would not be able to mark the student as present afterwards.

      This attendance code is considered in ADA calculations

      Select if this attendance code should be considered in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) calculations.

      When enabled, the attendance code is included in ADA calculations. This means the conversion will respect the Presence Status of the assigned code and/or any minutes accrued. For example, Meeting attendance records with a Presence Status of Absent will be treated as such by a Period-to-Day conversion and minutes assigned to a Time attendance record will be counted towards a Time-to-Day conversion.

      When not enabled, the attendance code is excluded from ADA calculations. This means the conversion handles the attendance code as if no attendance was taken. For example, Meeting attendance records results as a present because the absence of an attendance record (blank) is the same as a default present. Whereas, Time attendance records result in no minutes granted as if attendance was not taken.

      This attendance code counts towards membership

      Select if this attendance code counts towards Average Daily Membership (ADM). This option only applies to Daily attendance mode.

    3. Click Submit
  3. To edit an attendance code:
    1. Click the code or description of the attendance code you want to edit. 
    2. Edit the information as needed. 
    3. Click Submit
  4. To delete an attendance code:

    When deleting an attendance code, other users and student records may be directly impacted. Deleting an attendance code is not recommended unless the attendance code was created in error. If the attendance code is already in use, it cannot be deleted.

    1. Click the code or description of the attendance code you want to delete. 
    2. Click Delete.
    3. Click Confirm Delete
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