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Additional System Preferences

Other district setup functions include defining miscellaneous settings, such as student photo dimension defaults.

Set up additional system preferences

  1. Navigate to the Additional System Preferences page.

  2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields.

  3. Click Submit



Default Term Level

When signing in to PowerSchool, by default, the shortest possible term level appears. To change this setting, choose one of the following:

Shortest Possible

1/4 (Quarter)

1/2 (Semester)

1/3 (Trimester)

1/1 (Full Year)

Changes to this district setting will take effect during the PowerSchool nightly process or when the server is restarted, whichever occurs first.

PowerSource Registration of District's Mobile App Services

See Register Your PowerSchool Server with PowerSource.

When changing schools, always set term based on the school's default term level

Select to enable. If enabled, when changing schools, the term is set based on the school's default term level.

Deselect to disable. If disabled, when changing schools, the matching term abbreviation is selected. If there is no matching term abbreviation, then the school's default term level is selected.

Disable Student and Parent Portals/Mobile Apps

Select to disable access to the PowerSchool SIS Student and Parent portal and the PowerSchool SIS Student and Parent mobile apps. This is useful when the school is on summer break.

If Disabled, Display This Message to Student and Parents

Enter a message you want students and parents to see when they access the PowerSchool SIS Student and Parent portal, or when accessing the PowerSchool mobile apps.

Inactivate Web Analytics

Selecting this field will make web analytics inactive for the district. Refer to the Gainsight PX Q&A page on Community to learn more about web analytics.

Group Grades on Transcripts/Historical Grades By

When viewing an object report that contains transcript objects or viewing a student's Historical Grades, by default, grades are grouped by Year, Course Name. To change this setting, choose one of the available options.

Default Country for Student Demographics

By default, the State on the student Demographics page displays all states regardless of country. To display states for a specific country, choose the appropriate country.

Enable Duplicate Student Check

Select to check new students against existing students. If the student you try to add matches a combination of First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth or First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, the system will not add the student to avoid duplicates. This is included on the Enroll New Student page, student imports, and APIs.

Enable Duplicate Student Check Strict Matching (all fields must match)

Select to evaluate the matching of fields defined in Enable Duplicate Student Check even if a value is missing or not defined. Example:

Existing Student: Jane M Smith 6/27/2000

New Student: Jane Smith 6/27/2000

When strict matching is enabled, the new student would not match and the system would add the new student. When strict matching is disabled, the new student would match and the system would not add the new student.

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