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Final Grades Setup

Use the Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup page to set up your school's grading terms and parameters. Define the dates of each grading term in the school year and assignment names for which teachers enter final grades for that term. Setting up final grades entry may also be done in the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal.

Combining schools in situations where both trimester and semester reporting terms are required at one school prevents the use of Term Based Weighting for final grades at that school. When you store final grades at the end of each term, you store a specific final grade, such as Q1. Before you can store final grades, you must set up final grades in PowerSchool. Ensure that the following steps have been completed so that teachers can report their students' grades to PowerSchool. You must set up final grades for each school that shares your PowerSchool server.

After you set up final grades in PowerSchool, the information is automatically sent to each teacher's gradebook. Set up final grades one term at a time. When you set up final grades for a term, you affect only the courses that belong to that term. For example, a first-semester course belongs only to Semester 1; it does not belong to Quarter 1, Quarter 2, or the entire school year. If you do not define the final grade setup for a grading term, teachers will not be able to enter grades in the gradebook. For a tutorial on Final Grade Setup, visit the PowerSchool Community.
The Quick Lookup automatically displays all Termbin records defined on the Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup page.

Define Final Grade/Reporting Term

  1. Navigate to the Create Final Grade and Reporting Term page.

  2. Click New under the term for which you want to set up final grades. 

  3. Enter the Name of the term, such as Q3.

  4. Enter the starting and ending dates of the term.

  5. Select Suppress Letter Grade Display to only display percentage grades in the system and on reports.

  6. Select Suppress Percent Display to only display letter grades in the system and on reports.

  7. Enter a value for At or Above This Level of Attendance Points to automatically affect students' grades due to attendance. Then, enter the grade that students receive after meeting or exceeding the attendance points for  Change a Student's Grade to.

  8. Click Submit.

Course Prerequisite Rules and Graduation Plan Progress

Enter the number of days before or after the term ends that you want the course prerequisite rule evaluator to presume completion and graduation plans to specify the enrollment as in progress. This number allows the administrator a set number of days between the end of a term and the storage of grades for that term. A negative number allows specification of the number of days before the day the enrollment ends, for instances where the school typically records grades prior to enrollments ending. 

  1. Navigate to the Create Final Grade and Reporting Term page.

  2. Enter the appropriate Days Before/After Term End value.

  3. Click Submit

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