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Enable Form Payments

Fee payment forms can be configured to collect payments online. You can choose to integrate with the fee structure in PowerSchool SIS, allowing parents to pay outstanding balances, create new fees, or choose to collect non-integrated fees that are independent of PowerSchool SIS Fees.

Create a Vanco Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create an Account.
  3. Enter your Contact and Organization Info.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Complete the Merchant Agreement.
  6. Use the secure document upload center to submit required documentation, including a W-9 form and a voided check.
  7. When your payment gateway is set up, Vanco will securely communicate your payment gateway credentials (PCCT).

Enable Payments

  1. From the Start Page, choose System Management, Forms, then Enable Form Payments.
  2. Select Enable Payment.
  3. Select Integrate w/ SIS Fees to allow your fees to be integrated with PowerSchool SIS Fees.
  4. Choose your globally Accepted Payments.
    • If you chose to integrate with PowerSchool Fees, you are required to map your payment methods to the payment methods configured in your SIS.
    • SIS payment methods are configured in District Management on the Payment Methods page.
  5. If you are accepting an online form of payment (Credit/Debit Card or eCheck/ACH), enter the PCCT provided by Vanco when configuring your account.
  6. Click Submit.
    • If you are on PowerSchool SIS version 21.4.1 or higher, clicking Submit automatically validates your connection to Vanco.
    • Changes in global configurations will take up to five minutes to be reflected in the Form Editor.

Configure the Payment Form

  1. Open an existing Fee Payment form in the Form Editor or create a new form.
  2. Select the form Title to open the form properties.
  3. Select your Accepted Payments. The list of available payment options reflects the payment methods configured in the System Payments setup.
    1. If you choose to accept Offline payments, enter offline payment instructions. The instructions are displayed to parents on the form if they wish to pay in person.
  4. Fee payment forms can only be submitted by parents; set all other Share Permissions settings to read-only or hidden.
  5. Select the Fees Payment element to open its properties.
  6. To integrate with PowerSchool SIS fees, select Integrate with PowerSchool Fees.
    1. Select All Fees to require all that have a positive balance for the student.
    2. All PowerSchool fees are associated with a Fee Type, and all fee types are associated with a Fee Category. Select By Category to choose which fee categories you want to collect from parents.
      1. Select one or more Categories.
      2. Choose All Fees to display all fees with a positive balance within the category.
      3. Choose With Priority From to only display fees that fall both within the category and have a fee type between the desired priority range.
    3. Custom Fees allow you to create new, integrated fees through the form. You can create as many fees as needed. The fees paid online automatically create the fee and transaction in PowerSchool.
      1. Click SCHOOL 1 FEES.
      2. Choose the School your fee will be configured for.
      3. Select the Fee Type.
      4. If needed, add a Description, Default Amount, and Exempt Amount.
      5. Select Allow Quantity to allow the parent to add more than one item.
      6. Select Workflow Mapping if you want to fee to appear conditionally, based on the value entered on a prior field.
  7. If you do not select the Integrate with PowerSchool Fees checkbox, you can create fees that are independent of PowerSchool Fees. Parents can pay the fees online, but no PowerSchool SIS Fees configuration is required.
    1. Click FEE 1.
    2. Enter a Name and Description for the fee.
    3. Select Allow Quantity to allow the parent to add more than one item.
    4. Select Workflow Mapping if you want to fee to appear conditionally, based on the value entered on a prior field.
  8. Add additional form elements as needed.
  9. Click Save Form.

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