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Create a Form

If you purchased Ecollect Forms, you can create new forms.

  1. From the Start Page, select System Management, Forms, then Manage Forms.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. To create a new form, choose a Form Type on the New Blank Form tab.
  4. Alternatively, use the Import tab to import an existing form.
    1. Click Choose File to select a form file. A form file can come from a form export, allowing you to make a copy of the original form.
    2. Click Open.
  5. Use the Form Editor to configure the form.
    1. Click the form's Title field to open the form properties. Here, you can set the sharing permissions and, when ready, publish the form.
    2. Click Add Element to display a list of available form elements.
    3. Click an element to add it to the form.

      Rearrange a form element by clicking and dragging it to a new location on the form.
  6. Select the element to display and update its element properties.
  7. Click Save Form.

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