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Manage Incidents

Edit a Discipline Incident

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.
  2. Click the incident you want to edit. Refer to Search Using Incident Data Grid for more information on locating a specific incident.
  3. Edit the incident details and incident elements as needed.
    Any entered attendance is cleared if you remove the action code.

  4. Under Change Reason, enter a brief description of the changes you made.
  5. Click Edit under Attendance Related Actions if you want to edit the attendance.
    1. To edit attendance for the entire date range:
      1. Choose the Attendance Code you want to enter.
      2. Click Set All for Range.
      3. Select Override Existing Attendance Codes if you want to replace any existing attendance entered within this date range. 
      4. Click OK.

    2. To edit attendance within the date range:
      If the date range is increased, the attendance already entered does not change. If the date range is decreased, the attendance outside of the new range is cleared.

      1. Choose the Attendance Code.
        When entering meeting attendance, if the date range spans multiple weeks, click Previous Week or Next Week to view. 

      2. Enter attendance daily or meeting attendance as needed.
        If enabled, Clock In/Clock Out thresholds are available if you choose Meeting or Interval.

      3. Click OK.

  6. Click Submit Incident

Delete a Discipline Incident

  1. Choose Special Functions under Functions in the main menu of the start page. 
  2. Click Incident Management.
  3. Search for the incident you want to edit. 
  4. On the Incident Detail page, click Delete.
  5. Click Delete to confirm.

View Change History Details for Incident Details Page

Change History link is available if the setting is enabled. Click the link to view the Change History Details for that page.

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