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Create a New School Enrollment

Create a new school enrollment to record a change in a student's status without exiting or re-enrolling the student. When using this function to create a new enrollment, a previous enrollment is created simultaneously, which is especially helpful in situations where a student's enrollment information (such as the track or district of residence) changes midway through the school year. By creating a new school enrollment, the previous and current information are saved as two separate enrollments. This result is particularly beneficial for reporting purposes.

Information in the exit-related fields is saved as a "reenrollments" record that will be created and filled with the information from the student's current enrollment and will become the student's previous enrollment. The remaining fields (other than any state-specific fields that may appear at the bottom of the page) define the student's current enrollment.

  1. Navigate to the Create New School Enrollment page
  2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Exit Date

    Enter the exit date, which is the first day the student's enrollment is not active or the day after the student transferred out.

    Exit Code

    Choose a reason for the transfer from the pop-up menu.

    Entry Date

    Enter the date the student was enrolled.

    Entry Code

    Choose a reason for the transfer from the pop-up menu.

    Full-Time Equivalency

    Choose the student's FTE from the menu for this school enrollment.

    FTE is a grouping that associates a student's school enrollment with a set of attendance conversion values. When ADA runs, for a student, it runs for each school enrollment during the report dates. When processing each school enrollment, it uses the student's FTE to locate the set of attendance conversions to use when looking up the attendance value for the day. For more information, refer to Full-Time Equivalencies.

    Grade Level

    Choose the student's grade level at the time of the transfer from the pop-up menu.


    Choose the student's track from the menu. For more information, refer to Calendar Setup.

    District of Residence

    Choose the district in which the student lives from the menu. For more information, refer to Districts of Residence.


    Enter a comment to describe the reason for the enrollment modifications, such as Moved from part-time to full-time status. The comment will appear for both the current and previous enrollments on the student's Transfer Information page. For more information, see Transfer Information.

    State-specific fields may appear at the bottom of the page, depending on your state

  3. Click Submit

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