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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of 7/1/2020:

New Features

FeatureDescriptionLearn More
PowerSchool Admin - Parent Portal Web Accounts Integration with Student Contacts

This feature provides district administrators more flexibility in how they choose to create parent accounts and provides better integration with Student Contacts.

District administrators now have the option to create accounts on behalf of their parents in mass, using the Contacts data set in Data Import Manager. District administrators wanting to register parents in mass can turn off parent self-registration entirely with a setting at Start Page > District Setup > Miscellaneous if they choose to do so. Parents will need to reset their password the first time they sign in to their new account using the reset password link. The 'acctemail' (recovery email) and 'acctid' (username) values available in the (20.11) Contact Information DATs may be used to generate letters home.

Parent account information, such as Username and Account email, has also been added to the Contact data set export and can now be exported through Data Export Manager. To control access to this information, see Edit User Access Role.

Note: Parent passwords are not exportable.

For districts that choose to use the existing parent account creation process, additional workflow improvements have been added.

  • This feature now provides a simple matching mechanism that automatically associates new parent accounts created through self-registration with existing contacts based on first name, last name, and email. Names and emails must be exact and return only one match result. As such, contact consolidation is recommended to fully take advantage of this feature.
  • For parent account self-registration, a security verification email is now sent, preventing new account logins until the email address is verified.
  • The Contact email search in the Admin portal now returns results for both contact emails and parent access account emails, enabling admins to find and consolidate accounts more easily.
  • Note: If email is not enabled or set up, the Create Account tab on the Student and Parent Sign In page does not appear.

Note: Customizations to \public\home.html may prevent the verification process from working properly until the customization is updated with 20.4.2 content.

(20.11) Contacts

Create Parent Account in PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal

(20.11) Display Options

(20.11) Email

(20.11) Import Contacts

(20.11) Export Contacts

(20.11) Miscellaneous District Settings

2021-06-26_00-18-36_New Experience Contact Search

(20.11) Student and Parent Portal

(20.11) PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal Setup

PowerSchool Admin - Enhanced Health Functionality for Data Export ManagerAdditional PowerSchool Data Sets have been added for the new functionality in Enhanced Health to Data Export Manager:
  • Health - Health Concerns
  • Health - Contact Log
  • Health - Medications
  • Health - Medication Inventory
  • Health - Medication Doses
  • Health - Miscellaneous
  • Health - PE Waiver
  • Health - Student Health

With each dataset, codes/names and display values will be available for export. Also, a subset of student fields (last name, first name, middle name, gender, student number, school ID, and grade level) will be available to be selected in the export. Any extended data fields will also be available.
(20.11) Work with Health Data
PowerSchool Admin - Health ConcernsWithin Enhanced Health, you can now choose to suppress the display of particular health concerns and their related comments in the student's Medical Alert pop-up in the admin portal and the teacher portal. This feature is included on the student's Health page (Student > Health > Health Concerns).(20.11) Health Concerns
PowerSchool Admin - New System Reports

The following new Student/Staff Listing report is now available:

  • Career Tech Credentials

The following new Health reports are now available if Enhanced Health Management is enabled:

Note: By default, the reports are disabled and do not appear on the System Reports page. To enable the reports, you can provide access to the appropriate security groups using the (20.11) System Report Security page.

  • Health - Athletics
    • PE Excuse/Waiver Report
    • Physical Report
  • Health - Immunizations
    • Immunization History
  • Health - Medications
    • Medication Administration Report
    • Medication List
    • Yearly Medication Administration Report
    • Yearly Medication Inventory
  • Health - Office Visits
    • Office Visit Clinic Log
    • Office Visit History
    • Office Visit Stats
  • Health - Screenings
    • BMI Report
    • Hearing Screenings
    • Oral Health Screenings
    • Vision Screenings
    • Vital Signs Screenings
  • Health - Student General Health
    • Contact Log Report
    • Health Concern Report
    • Health Concern Stats
    • Health Info Report
    • Health Report

(20.11) Career Tech Credentials Report

(20.11) Health Reports


PowerSchool - AdminThe Spring Security library is updated for security improvements in SAML SSO (both SAML as an IDP and SAML as an SP) and integrations implemented with OIDC.ISS-451

Resolved Issues

PowerSchool - AdminIn some instances, an error may occur when toggling settings or saving default values on the following page:
  • Ethnicity summary
  • Classroster detail
  • Health Screenings and Physicals
  • Permanently Stored Grades
  • Courses

This issue is now resolved.
PowerSchool - Attendance

On the Code-To-Day Attendance Conversion setup page, the attendance points were shown instead of the attendance code. Additionally, the Independent Study Attendance entry screen does not render correctly (California only). These issues are resolved.

PowerSchool Admin - Change History

After deleting a plugin, any record that was modified by that plugin displays 'PS Maintenance' in the Changed By field in the change history. This issue is now resolved.

PowerSchool Admin - Change History

In Change History, if the user selects the category and changes the search end date to be the same as the start date without changing the start date, the search does not occur. This issue is now resolved.

PowerSchool Admin - Sign In Error

When signing in to the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal as a Guardian when the PowerSchool SIS is configured as the Service Provider for Guardian access and SAML/WS-Trust is the Identity Provider, an error occurs. This issue is now resolved.


Known Issues


PowerSchool Admin - Parent Portal Web Accounts Integration with Student Contacts

When attempting to update an existing Parent Access Account via import that has the required username and email address fields already created, that parent’s rows will fail to import if it has the account username but not the account email address or vice versa.


    • Include both username and email address when updating an existing parent access account via import.
    • Include neither username and email address when updating an existing parent access account via import.


PowerSchool Admin - Parent Portal Web Accounts Integration with Student Contacts

When exporting data, if the contact does not have an access account, the Allow Data Access field is populated with the value FALSE, which indicates that data access is disabled. Instead, this exported value should be Null to indicate that it was not set.


    • Do not import the Allow Data Access field for contacts without a web access account.
    • On import file, set the Allow Data Access field to null.


PowerSchool Admin - System ReportsPowerSchool has identified an issue where the names of the new reports sometimes display incorrectly. We are looking into this issue, and a fix will be included in an upcoming release.--

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being configured incorrectly. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook






State Reporting

Report SDK




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