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Staff Schedule Setup

Use this page to edit scheduling information for the selected staff member.

Edit Staff Schedule Setup

  1. On the start page, search for and select a staff member.
  2. On the Staff page, click Schedule Setup from the staff pages menu. 
  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:




    Click Associate to select this teacher's department.

    Preferred Room

    Click Associate to select this teacher's classroom. The system always attempts to schedule courses assigned to this teacher in his or her preferred classroom first.

    Maximum Consecutive Periods

    Choose from the pop-up menu the maximum number of periods this teacher can teach in a row (according to his or her contract).

    Maximum Periods Free

    Choose the maximum number of free periods this teacher can have in his or her schedule each day from the pop-up menu.

    Schedule This Teacher

    Select the checkbox if you want the system to schedule this teacher.

    Note: If you deselect the checkbox, the system will not include this teacher in the schedule build process.

    Is Always Free?

    Select the checkbox to allow this teacher to be scheduled for an unlimited number of courses during the same period. For example, some special education teachers teach different subjects to different students in the same room during the same period.

    Building Code (optional)

    Click Associate to select this teacher's building.

    House Code (optional)

    Click Associate to select this teacher's house.

    Team Code (optional)

    Choose from the pop-up menu the team to which you want this teacher to belong.

    Maximum Student Load

    Specify the maximum number of students that a teacher can have per day. For more information, see Teacher Maximum Load.

  4. Click Submit
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