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Report Queue Preferences

Administrators can set global preferences for the report queue, such as how many days a report can remain in the queue. For more information about the report queue, see Report Queue.

To view or work with PowerReports, click the PowerReports tab. For more information, see PowerReporting Administrator Report Queue.

Set Report Queue Preferences

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu. 
  2. Under Reports, click Report Queue Settings
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Automatically delete completed jobs after

    Enter the number of days each job remains in the report queue. After the specified number of days, PowerSchool automatically deletes the affected job.

    Note: If I enter 0, will that make reports remain forever? The answer, no. Valid value range is 2 through 90. Any value outside that range will be reported as the nearest valid value. For example, a value less than 2 is treated as 2. A value higher than 90 is treated as 90.

    Maximum pending jobs per user

    Enter the maximum number of jobs each user can have in the report queue at one time. To indicate no limit, enter 0.

    Number of report processes

    Enter the maximum number of report processes, or number of reports running at the same time. This setting does not take effect until the next time the PowerSchool server is restarted.

    Automatically start Report Queue on system startup

    Select either Startup or Don't Startup to indicate what you want the report queue to do when the PowerSchool server restarts.

    Warning: Modifying this setting affects restarts, so use extreme caution when selecting this option.

    If you indicate Don't Startup and want to manually start the report queue, enter Repo_Batch_Startup in the PowerSchool Server's Execute window.

    To disable the report queue for a single restart instead of modifying this setting, press COMMAND+OPTION (Mac) or CTRL+ALT (Windows) when starting the PowerSchool Server. The report queue will not start up for this session but will do so when the server restarts.

  5. Click Submit to save your changes.
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