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Consolidate User Accounts

You can merge multiple user accounts into one account. If you have staff members who teach at multiple schools, you can consolidate the multiple accounts to one account and assign different schools and user rolls to a single account.

Consolidate Users

Be sure to verify which staff member record will serve as the master record before searching for staff members and consolidating users. The consolidation process is irreversible.

Note: This procedure may only be performed at the district level.

  1. On the start page, search for and select all of the records for a staff member. Only a single record for each school may be selected. 
  2. Click Functions
  3. Click Consolidate Users. Verify that all of the accounts that appear belong to the same user.
    Note: If incorrect accounts appear on the page, refine the search selection, and repeat Steps 2 and 3.
  4. Click the Master option to select the staff member account that will serve as the master user account.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Confirm Submit
  7. On the start page, search for the staff member user account you just consolidated.
  8. Click Security Settings on the main menu. 
  9. Verify the information on the page. For more information, see Edit Staff Member Security Settings.
  10. Click the Role Assignment tab. Verify the User Access Roles assigned to each school. For more information, see Role Assignments.
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