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Code Sets

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Use the Code Sets page to define code sets and their respective codes. Code sets appear throughout PowerSchool as drop-down lists and their respective codes appear as options within those lists. When managing code sets and codes, you can add, edit, sort, and delete.

All state codes appear in alphabetical order within the State code set regardless of sort order. To display states for a specific country, use the Default Country for Student Demographics setting

Add a Code Set

  1. On the start page, choose District in the main menu.
  2. Click Code Sets.
  3. Click Add Code Set.
  4. Enter the Name of the code set.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. To add codes to the code set, see Add a Code to a Code Set

Add a Code to a Code Set

  1. On the start page, choose District in the main menu.
  2. Click Code Sets and choose the code set for which you want to add a code.
  3. Click Add Code.
  4. Enter information as needed.

    • A code is a combination of ParentCodesetID, CodeType, Code or ParentCodeType, ParentCode, CodeType, Code and must be unique.
    • Reported Value refers to the value used by State and Provincial Reporting, if populated, as an alternative to the Code value. This field can also be used when additional codes are added by the district to be sent to the state or provincial system. For example, if the state has a list of mandated languages and the district would like to add additional languages to the list, the district may do so if the ReportedValue is mapped to the state code to be reported.
    • Alt Value refers to the code that can be used to send to other systems as an alternative to Code. As an example, the code value might be "Mother", but another system might require "100".
    • Parent Code Set and Parent Code refer to the code type of the parent code set. Instead of ParentCodeSetID, a code set can specify its parent by ParentCodeType and ParentCode. For example, if a code set (CodeSetID, CodeType, Code) exists for California state (292, State, CA) and you want to import a County, such Sacramento, as a child code set for California state code set, then a new code set can be imported using ParentCodeType = State, ParentCode = CA, CodeType = County, Code = Sacramento or ParentCodeSetID = 292, CodeType = County, Code = Sacramento. If both parent code set and child code set are being imported in the same import file, parent code set must be placed before child code set in the import file.
  5. Click Submit.

Import Code Sets

Use the Data Import Manager to import new code sets into the PowerSchool SIS by choosing Code Sets as the Import Into selection.

Export Code Sets

Use the Data Export Manager to export code sets from the PowerSchool SIS by choosing PowerSchool Data Sets as the Category and Code Sets as the Export From selection.

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