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Attendance Data Grid

The Attendance Data Grid is the central point from which you can view attendance information. You can quickly and easily search for students who need attendance taken or updated, and enter attendance for those students.

If accessed at the district level, only the reports content appears.

If the Consecutive Absences Notification is enabled, a message may appear indicating there are students who have been absent for an extended period of consecutive (in session calendar) days. 

Setup Attendance Data Grid

To get started, configure the following setup items in the following order:

  1. Configure Attendance Data Grid Tabs
  2. Localize the Attendance Data Grid

Configure Attendance Data Grid Tabs

Before using the Attendance Data Grid, you can configure what tabs appear on this page by using the Attendance recording methods setting and which tab appears as the default tab using the Default attendance page setting. For more information, see Attendance Preferences

Localize the Attendance Data Grid

Information on the Attendance Data Grid can be localized. To localize the Absent attendance category, use the Localize page button that appears on the navigation bar. To localize other attendance categories and attendance codes, use the Data tab on the Localize PowerSchool page.

Work with the Attendance Data Grid

Once setup items have been configured, you can:

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