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Build Validation

Use the results log to identify any errors in your data. Items in the log can be of three types: information, warnings, and errors. All errors must be corrected before you begin building the master schedule. Though warnings do not need to be corrected, you may want to review them before building the master schedule.
When you start the validate process, the system checks the following types of data:

  • Courses
  • Students
  • Blocks
  • Constraints
  • Parameters
  • Teachers

The following table displays examples of error messages contained in the validation log:

Validation type

Error messages


  • Course has been dropped. Missing from course rank. Sections offered is zero.
  • Invalid minimum periods-per-day.
  • Invalid frequency.
  • Invalid maximum days-per-cycle.
  • Invalid term length.
  • Invalid schedule type.
  • Dropped course still listed in course rank.
  • Course is not flagged to be scheduled.
  • The assigned course number is not valid.
  • Requested course number is not a valid course flagged for scheduling.


  • Invalid block -courses can only be blocked in pairs (no chaining).
  • Invalid block - a course cannot have multiple blocking relationships.


  • Teacher is flagged for scheduling but has no teacher assignments.
  • Teacher has more periods assigned than periods available.
  • Teacher's max-in-a-row is zero.
  • Scheduled teacher has no scheduled assignments.
  • Invalid teacher.
  • Too many sections assigned to teachers.
  • Not enough sections assigned to teachers.


  • Scheduled student has no scheduled requests.
  • Student with requests is not flagged for scheduling.
  • Student is not flagged for scheduling but has requests.

Once you know where the errors in your data are, go back and correct them. For example, if the sign indicates that too many sections are assigned to a teacher, find the related course number and make the necessary changes. Then, validate your scenario until it is error-free.

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