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Build Master Schedule Introduction

After you define all of the parameters and constraints outlined in the section Prepare to Build the Master Schedule, proceed by building the master schedule. When you build the master schedule, do the following:

You can follow these steps several times to create the best possible master schedule. For example, you might build the schedule and realize you need to add some course sections. After adding the sections, rebuild the schedule. Then, you may find that you need to define a Teacher Part-time constraint, which restricts when the system can schedule a course to which a particular teacher is assigned. Add the constraint and build the schedule again.

You will most likely build the master schedule several times before committing it for the next school year. To ensure that your student schedules are complete, see Checklist to Know Your Student Schedules are Complete.

Complete the appropriate steps in Prepare to Build the Master Schedule before proceeding. There are five main steps you must complete in the following order when building the master schedule:

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