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Prepare to Build the Master Schedule

Preparing to build the master schedule is the first of several phases in creating a master schedule. The process of preparing to build the master schedule consists of the following 11 steps:

  1. Schedule Security
  2. Scheduling Setup
  3. Build Scenarios Overview
  4. Courses and Course Catalogs
  5. Rooms Overview
  6. Student Information
  7. Student Course Requests
  8. Course Information
  9. Teacher Scheduling Information
  10. Build Constraints Overview
  11. Course Rank

Most steps can be performed in any order, within reason. For example, you cannot enter teacher assignments if you have not entered all of your teachers on the teacher list. You also must define your schedule constraints before you calculate course rank.

To assign specific sections to several individuals, each person can perform a step at the same or different times. If you are the only person preparing to build your school's schedule, you should follow the steps in the above sequence.

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