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Quick Start

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Perform the following tasks to get started and begin taking advantage of PowerTeacher Pro.

Get the PowerTeacher Pro Quick Reference Card from PowerSource. If you do not have a PowerSource account, ask your PowerSchool administrator to download the file for you.

FeatureWhat it doesHow to use it

Class Description

You can add descriptions, a custom class name, or other information about the class that will be visible in the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals and PowerSchool Mobile.
  1. On the menu bar, click Settings.
  2. Choose Class Descriptions.
  3. Select a class, then enter the class description.

Display Preferences

Customize display settings such as class names, student sorting, and grades (traditional vs. standards). 

Grading Preferences

Define the grade calculations for your classes.

On the menu bar, click Settings, then choose Traditional Grade Calculations or Standards Grade Calculations.

Create Categories

Create categories in which you can group similar types of assignments.Click the Create icon, then choose Category.

Create Assignments

Create assignments at the beginning of a school term or at any time during the school term.

Click the Create icon, then choose Assignment.


Enter scores on the AssignmentScoresheet, or Student pages.

Email Students

Communicate with your students while reviewing assignments and grades.

Click the Create icon and choose Email.

Class Progress

Analyze class performance at any time during the school year.

On the menu bar, click Progress, and then choose Traditional or Standards.


You can personalize each report by entering a custom title or by including a top note, bottom note, or signature line.

On the menu bar, click Reports.

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