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Category Totals

You can display students' final grades data, aggregated by category.

Use this page to assess how students performed in one assignment category versus another, or to analyze the difficulty of one category type versus another. For example, if students received significantly lower scores on assignments in the Homework category than in the Test category, you might revisit the homework assignments and analyze the difficulty.

  1. On the menu bar, choose Grading, then Category Totals. You can use the Quick Menu to navigate to other pages in the Grades section of PowerTeacher Pro.
  2. Click Show All Categories to display all available categories.
  3. Alternatively, click Show Categories for this Section to limit the category display to only those associated with the selected section.
  4. Click a grade to change the value using the score inspector.

    A triangle in a grade field indicates that the grade has been changed.

  5. Click Save.


You can review metrics information for assignment scores and final grades.

The mean is the mathematical average of the scores you entered. The median represents the middle of all values: one-half of the scores will be above this number and one-half will be below it. The mode indicates the most common value.

All of these values are indicators of how well students do on assignments. If a grade is unexpectedly low, students may need additional practice on the skills and concepts being assessed, or you may choose to revise the assessment.

You can select the gear icon to display or hide the metrics on the page.

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