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Running district level reports

School Level Reports

Form reports can be generated at the school level from the Form Manager. To run a report on a form, click on the “Select Account” button and choose which school you want to run a report for.  

Find the required form in the list under “My Forms” and click on it to access the Form Manager screen.

Learn more about how to generate the different reports available in Permission Click.

District Level Response Report

This report allows you to email all or specific responses received from parents in PDF format. You can add filters to select the type and/or range of responses you would like to download.

To export this report, click on “Admin” in the top navigation bar from the District Level account. Then, click “Email Response Documents.”

Select which school(s) you wish to be included in the report. Optionally, add a filter to the report to view responses that were Collected Between a range of time, Created By a particular user, or whether the form collected payment. Once you have applied your desired filters, click “Request Files.” Your report will be emailed to you.

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