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How to build a district process

Processes allow you to create rules for approvals, and enforce deadlines, steps, and custom workflow.

To start building a process, go to the Templates menu in the top navigation bar. Then, click on (A) New Template and select Process:

Process Name and Description 

Give your process a generic explanatory title for your staff’s easy reference. For instance, “Field Trip Request For Approval.”

Add some details in the text box provided to tell your staff when and how they should be using this process.

Process Deadline

Many schools require forms to be submitted and approved before a deadline. If your process is time-sensitive, you can create a custom deadline that teachers/staff will be aware of when they start a process.

For example, if your field trip request must be submitted at least two months before the departure date. Click the + to add a custom deadline and name the label: Field Trip Date.

Form Order

You can add, drag to reorder, and group forms via steps. You can also assign Due Before Dates to each individual step.

Then, select the form you want, or create a new form or new template. Choose your desired forms and click “Attach Forms/Templates.”

Add all form templates that staff may need to complete. Form templates are added in steps, and all the forms in each step must be submitted and approved before you can move to the next step in the process.

Set Rules

You have the option to set date rules for each form based on the custom deadline. For example, a Field Trip Request form must be submitted no less than 60 days before the Desired Date of Departure.

Add Optional Forms and Attachments

You may add additional form templates to your Process. Additional forms may be used as part of the process, but they are not always required. For example, a Parent Volunteer form.

You may add attachments to your process. Attachments can be files and/or external links. Use this feature to add additional information that may be useful to the form builder, such as policy documents, checklists, and insurance requirements.

Set Access

Click the “Set Access” button on the right-hand side of the “Process Name” box to choose the organizations or users that will have access to this Process.

After selecting the desired organizations or users, click “Share” on the bottom right corner. 

Your new process is now published and available for use.

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