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Form library

The form library gives you access to form templates created and shared with you to help you build district-approved forms faster. Additionally, you can easily find fillable forms for internal use.  

How to publish a form to the User Form Library

  1. After you have finished building your form, go to the form manager and click on (A) “Publish to User Form Library.” 

  2. Follow the prompts on the ‘Set Access’  screen. (B) Use the toggles to assign access to the form, click share, and your form will now appear in their Forms Respond tab. 

How to use forms published by the district

  1. From the forms dashboard, click on (A) “Start New Form.” 

  2. Select one of the available form templates previously published by your district and start editing your form (B).  You can also use the search box to find forms quickly. 

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