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Students can access their x2VOL dashboard by selecting Careers and then choosing X2Vol from Experiential Exploration.

To access the x2VOL dashboard, your must match your Naviance profile with your x2VOL profiles..

Match Accounts from Naviance Student

  1. Select Careers and choose X2Vol from Experiential Exploration.

  2. If prompted, enter your Last Name and Identifier.

    • The Identifier is your student ID or email, depending on your school.

    • The system will attempt to match the student to their profile in x2VOL using the student's first and last name.

  3. If matching is unsuccessful:

    • Enter your last name and student ID if you are pre-registered in x2VOL.

    • Enter your x2VOL login credentials if you have been using x2VOL independently of Naviance Student.

    • Register as a new x2VOL user if you have never used x2VOL and were not pre-registered.

Alternatively, your school may complete x2VOL account matching.

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