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Update Notification Settings

To update Your Notifications or Institution Notifications, navigate to the Account Settings tile on the homepage, then click Configure.

Alternatively, click the user icon, then choose Account Settings.

Your Notifications

  1. From Settings, select Your Notifications.
  2. Select or clear Alert me when high schools become available in RepVisits.
  3. Click Save.

Institution Notifications

Choose staff members at your school to receive the Intersect Connection Weekly Report, which provides the number of new Intersect connections made through Naviance.

  1. From Settings, select Institution Notifications.
  2. Select the users to receive an Intersect Connection Report. Conversely, clear the name if you no longer want a user to receive the report. Only Counselor Community members at your school are listed.

    To send the report to staff members not listed, enter their email addresses in the field provided. Use a comma to separate email addresses if entering more than one.
  3. Click Save.
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