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Update Availability Settings

To update the settings for your high school, including how your school confirms visits, navigate to the RepVisits tile on the homepage, then click Schedule. Select the Availability & Settings section. After making any changes click Save Changes.

You can start setting up your availability for the following academic year on April 1.

Regular Weekly Hours

Add Time Slots

Set the start and end dates to reflect the dates that your school actively engages students for the academic year.
  1. Choose your school's Start and End Dates for Visits.
  2. Click Add Time Slot.
  3. From the Day(s) list, choose the day of the week for which you want to make a new time slot available.
  4. Set a Start Time and an End Time. Times must be entered using this format: #:## AM or #:## PM

  5. Indicate how many colleges you want to schedule during that period.
  6. Select the visit type for that time slot. Options include:

      • In-person
      • Virtual
      • Either
    When Either is selected, the college rep requesting the visit can select virtually or in-person.
  7. Click Add Time Slot.

Delete Time Slots

  1. Find the time slot you want to delete from your schedule.

  2. Click the trash can icon for the time slot.

  3. Click Remove.

Update Time Slots

  1. Locate the time slot you want to edit.

  2. Click the time slot and adjust the number of visits that can be scheduled during the time.

  3. Select an alternative visit type.

  4. Click Save.

Change Visit Types

  1. Click Change All Visit Types.
  2. Select the visit type you want to apply to all time slots.

    Choosing In-person or Either does not change the type for confirmed visits. Choosing Virtual allows you to apply the visit type to all confirmed visits.
  3. Click Change Visits.

Blocked Days

Blocked Holidays

Select the Common US Holidays that your school observes, then click Save Blocked Holidays. Your availability is updated.

Custom Blocked Days

Add custom blocked days for your school's spring break schedule, teacher or staff in-service days, or other special events when college visits cannot be scheduled.

  1. Click Choose Dates, then select a day or the first day or a date range to block off.
    • To select a single day, click the date again.
    • To set a date range, choose the last date to be blocked off in the range.
  2. Click Select a Reason and make a selection. Colleges and universities can review the reason when scheduling a visit.
  3. Click Add Blocked Time.


For days when your school's bell schedule is different, such as test dates or during advisory periods, you can customize your school's regular weekly hours and blocked days.

  1. On the Exceptions tab, click Choose a Date.
  2. Select the date for which you need to add exceptions.
  3. To manage time slots on the selected day:
    • Click the trash can icon to remove a time slot, then click Confirm.
    • Click a time slot to edit the visit type or the number of colleges that can visit during that time slot.
    • Select Remove all visit openings for XX/XX/XXXX? to remove all visits on that day.
    • Navigate to the Add a New Time Slot section, set up the new time slot, then click Add Time Slot.
Use this option to make accommodations on days with an influx of college visit requests.

Availability Settings

Visit Availability

Determine who can access your high school's visit availability in RepVisits.

  • Choose All Higher Education RepVisits Users (Published) so colleges and universities can begin requesting or scheduling visits to your high school.
  • Choose Only My High School (Unpublished) to publish your calendar to colleges and universities later.

Determine whether or not US for-profit institutions can request visits with your high school.

Visit Confirmations

Determine if your school will automatically confirm all incoming visit requests or manually review each incoming request. This setting applies to all future requests. Prior requests are handled according to the previous setting.

Visit Scheduling

  1. Use the up and down arrows in the number field to change the number of days that colleges can:
    • Schedule a visit without a specific amount of advanced notice
    • Cancel or reschedule visits online less than a certain number of days in advance
  2. From the Accept list, select an option to identify how many colleges or university visits can be scheduled per day, regardless of the time slots established in your weekly hours and exceptions.
    • If you select a maximum of, use the up and down arrows in the number field to change the number of visits.
    • After the maximum number of visits per day is scheduled, the day displays as booked.
    • Alternatively, accept appointments until all of your time slots have been filled.
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