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Activate Your Profile

To use the Counselor Community, you must activate your profile. Once activated, you can:

  • Search for People and Institutions.
  • Export Counselor Community Contact details.
  • Be included in Counselor Community search results.

On your first visit to the Counselor Community:

  1. Navigate to the Counselor Community tile on the homepage, then click Explore.
  2. Enter information on the Edit Profile page. Some fields are locked for editing.

  3. Click Save. Your profile is now active.

You can modify the following fields:

  • Profile Photo
  • Profile Information
    • Email visibility
    • Office Phone
    • Office Phone visibility
    • Mobile Phone
    • Mobile Phone visibility
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Population Served
    • Do you advise students on the college application/admissions process
    • Are you responsible for scheduling visits with college representatives
    • Alma Mater

Edit Your User Profile (People Profile)

  1. Click the user icon.
  2. Select Your profile from the Account Settings list.
  3. On your people profile, click Edit.

  4. Update the fields. Some fields are locked for editing.

  5. Click Save. Your updates will be published to the Counselor Community.

Edit Your Institution Profile

You can manage information for your school such as:

  • Contact Information
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Website URL
  • Enrollment Data
    • Enrollment by Gender
    • Enrollment by Race / Ethnicity
    • Enrollment by Grade
    • Title 1 Information
  • Academic Data
    • Charter School
    • Coeducational
    • College-Going Rate
    • Student/Teacher ratio
    • # of Full Time Teachers
    • Highest Grade
    • Lowest Grade
    • School Level
    • School Type Options
    • School Year of Last Reported Data

To edit this information, you must be an administrator for your school.

  1. Click the User icon.
  2. From the Account Settings list, choose Institution Profile.
  3. On the profile, click Edit. Some information is populated by ElSi and cannot be updated.

  4. Update the information.
  5. Click Save.

    From your institution profile page, you can click View Staff to access a list of all user accounts at your institution.

Locked Fields

The following fields are locked for editing in a user profile:

  • Your Name
  • Your Institution
  • Email Address

    To update these fields, contact the Support team.

Manage Your Account Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings tile on the homepage, then click Configure.

    You can also click the user icon, then choose Account Settings from the list.
  2. Enter the password in New Password.

  3. Enter the password again in Confirm New Password.
  4. Click Save.

    Your name and email cannot be edited. To update these fields, contact the Support team.

Add New Users at Your School

To add more RepVisit users and Counselor Community members at your school, contact the Support team.

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