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Set Up a College Fair

RepVisits recommends establishing a primary contact before adding a new college fair.
  1. Navigate to the RepVisits tile on the homepage, then click Schedule.
  2. Navigate to the College Fairs section and click Add a College Fair.
  3. Enter information for all College Fair Details fields.
    • Enter Start Time and End Time in the following format: #:## AM or #:## PM.
    • Set a Max Number of Colleges to restrict how many institutions can sign up to attend this fair.
    • Enter the information in the Instructions for College Representatives field that you think a representative should know before signing up to attend a fair at your school.

  4. Select if you want to confirm all incoming requests or not.
  5. Select if you will allow for-profit U.S. institutions to register for your college fair.
  6. Enter an Email Message to Colleges After Confirmation. Include custom information in the confirmation email that admission representatives receive when a fair registration is confirmed. Confirmation emails automatically include your high school name, address, primary contact, and email and phone number for the primary contact.

    It is helpful to include additional information, such as directions, instructions on where to park, and instructions for entering the building and finding the fair location.
  7. Click Save to publish the fair.

After a fair has been saved, it will be listed on the College Fair overview page.

Click View Details to:

  • Edit fair details.
  • Manage colleges who will be attending each fair.
  • Message the attendees.
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