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Export Counselor Community Contact Details

  1. Navigate to the Counselor Community tile on the homepage, then click Explore.
  2. Search the Counselor Community to generate a list of contacts for whom you want to export details.
  3. On the People tab, choose Select All to export data for all Counselor Community members. If you do not want to export all members, select specific Counselor Community members instead.

    Click Show More to list more users.
  4. Click Export Contacts to download a .csv file.

    A maximum of 500 records can be exported at a time.

The export file will include the following data points if the user has included the information in their profile:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Institution Name
  • Email
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Bio
  • Recruitment Territory
  • Population Served
  • Advises Students
  • Schedules Visits
  • Job Title
  • Alma Mater
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