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Manage Profile

Use the Personalize page to change your password and to set your application preferences.

  1. Click the User Menu in the header. 

  2. Choose Manage Profile.

  3. To change your password:

    1. Click Change Password.

    2. Enter the required information.

    3. Click Submit.

  4. To personalize your application preferences:

    • Choose a page from Initial Student Screen that you want to set as your default student page.

    • Select Receive Automatic Emails for Pending Notifications to receive a corresponding email for new Notifications.

    • Switch Display Section Number on the PowerTeacher Home Page to On to display the section number for each of your classes. Once set, sections appear the next time you sign in to the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal.

    • Switch Disable New Experience to Off to if your district has enabled the New Experience, but you are not ready to try it and want to switch back to the "classic look."

  5. Click Submit.

If your district uses a locale with the Hijri calendar system, you have an additional account setting to use this calendar system by default.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Profile page. 

  2. Select Enable Hijri dates to accompany Gregorian dates where available and set calendars to include Hijri dates by default. 
    This setting enables the Hijri overlay on calendars by default and displays Hijri dates next to Gregorian dates where available. You can disable the overlay directly on a calendar, but the overlay resets to enabled after refreshing or re-entering the page.

  3. Click Submit

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