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This content is specific to California. 

Student Daily Participation and Weekly Engagement

  1. Click the notebook icon.
  2. Verify the data in each section. If you make changes, click Re-Calculate and verify the changes.
  3. In the Certification section, select the checkbox to certify that the information is accurate and correct.
  4. Click Submit


When working with assignments in PowerTeacher Pro, use the following best practices.

  • For graded assignments, include complete descriptions with a summary of the work the student is expected to complete.
  • For instructional days when no graded assignments are due, create an assignment to encompass the student engagement for the day.
    • Enter a description of the work that students are expected to complete. For example, "Watch and take notes on my recorded teaching on the Civil War; begin writing an essay about the causes of the Civil War.” 
    • Choose whether to include the assignment towards grading and if parents or students should see the assignment.
    • If you do not want to count the engagement assignment for grading, select Collected Only in the Assignment Type field.
    • If you do not want parents and students to see the assignment or scores, choose Never in the Publish Assignment field and deselect Publish Scores.
  • Use the Comment field to note specific details about the student’s engagement.
    • Enter the word "[Contact]" in the comment to designate any student, parent, or guardian contact.

Daily Participation

If any codes are not correct in the student daily participation section, verify that the following scenarios are correct. With the exception of code 100, students can have multiple codes assigned for any of the listed days.

  • 100 - The student has an attendance code that counts as absent or has an assignment marked as missing that was due on the listed date. 
  • 200 - The class was taught in person and the student was not marked as absent.
  • 300 - The student has an assignment that was due on the listed date that has a comment that includes the word "[Contact]". 
  • 400 - The student submitted the assigned work due that day.
  • 500 - The student has an assignment that was due on the listed date that has a comment that does not include the word "[Contact]". 

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