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PowerTeacher Pro

PowerTeacher Pro is the next generation of classroom management tools. PowerTeacher Pro delivers robust functionality with an intuitive user interface and advanced features for both standards-based and traditional grading in one comprehensive solution to manage the classroom. You school has to enable PowerTeacher Pro in order for you to access it.

Click to access PowerTeacher Pro for a specific class. This launches the Assignments page for the specific class in PowerTeacher Pro.

Note: Alternately, you can click the PowerTeacher Pro link on the navigation menu to access PowerTeacher Pro. This launches the default page for PowerTeacher Pro.


There are several resources available to assist you with PowerTeacher Pro. PowerTeacher Pro in-app help is available in the application. Other available resources can be found on the Community

Launch PowerTeacher Pro

From the navigation bar, click PowerTeacher Pro.

Launch PowerTeacher Pro for a Specific Class

From the start page, click PowerTeacher Pro next to the class you want to work with.

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