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PowerSchool Reporting Views

The PowerSchool Data Dictionary for reporting views is useful in collecting and reporting PowerSchool data. Included are the names, descriptions and source columns of the various views in the PowerSchool database. Each view definition is comprised of rows and columns, where the row corresponds to the values in the view, while the column corresponds to the data elements in the view. Each data element has a set of information that explains more about that piece of information, including data type, description and source column if applicable.

Reporting Views

A view is a saved structured query language (SQL) object that represents business logic pulling a particular set of data from one or more underlying tables. The purpose of a view is to facilitate reporting by gathering the specific data that a report needs into a single, or a few, specific views. With views, the queries that must be built as part of a report can be simplified because much of the logic for collecting data is stored in the view.


This document provides a comprehensive list of all PowerSchool's reporting views and the information contained therein. PowerSchool's reporting views are primarily intended to support attendance reports.


This document is intended for a district or school's database administrators.


Tables and (views) follow a standard convention. Table (or view) names appear as the table title along with the version string indicating when the object was created or modified. Column names that appear italicized are designated as "No Longer Used." All Foreign Key fields are specified as such in the Description column of each table.

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