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Report on Log Entries

Use this option to print log object reports that you have created using the Objects reporting tool. Only one log record can be printed per page.

  1. Search for log entries
  2. On the Log Entry Functions page, click Print a Report
  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Which report would you like to print?

    Choose the report you want to print.

    Which Log Entries?

    Indicate the number of report pages you want to print by selecting one of the following:

    • Leave the Only the first option blank to print all of the report pages.
    • Select the Only the first option to limit the number of report pages you want to print. Enter the number of pages in the pages field.

    Watermark Text

    To print text as a watermark on each page of the report, either choose one of the standard phrases or choose Custom and enter the text you want to print as a watermark in the field.

    Watermark Mode

    Determine how you want the text to print. Watermark prints the text behind objects on the report, while Overlay prints the text over objects on the report.

    When to print

    Select a time to run the report:

    • ASAP: Execute immediately.
    • At Night: Execute during the next evening.
    • On Weekend: Execute during the next weekend.
    • On Specific Date/Time: Execute on the date and time specified in the following fields using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

    Report Output Locale

    Select the locale. The report output will be in the language associated with the locale.

    When generating object reports, certain report text may appear in the default English language.

  4. Click Submit to generate the report. 
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