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New Staff Members

In PowerSchool, system users are considered staff members. All PowerSchool system users must be added as staff members before you can assign security permissions. When adding new staff members, you can assign permissions, as needed. Additionally, you can assign permissions by user group or set permissions at the page level. For more information about assigning permissions by user group, refer to Group Security Permissions.

Add a New Staff Member

  1. Navigate to the New Staff Member page. 
  2. Enter the required information.

  3. Click Submit. PowerSchool searches across all schools in the district for duplicate staff records based on matches found in the following fields:
    • Last Name
    • Teacher Number
    • Email Address
    • Lunch ID
    • Home Phone #
    • Lunch ID
    • SSN
    • Address (Street + City + State, or just Street + City if not State is entered)

    If there are no duplicate records matching that of the new staff record you are trying to create, the new record is created. To assign permissions for the new user, refer to Teachers and Affiliations.
    If there are similar records to the one you are attempting to create, the Match Existing Staff page allows you to check for duplicate records from a list.
    If the teacher's name appears on the page, click the name to add the teacher record to the current school.

    If the teacher is found at the current school but marked inactive, the record will be made active.

    If the teacher's name is not found on the page, click Create New. Assign permissions to the new user. For more information, refer to Teachers and Affiliations.

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