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Duplicate the Scenario

Make a copy of the original completed master schedule before you optimize it.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page.
  2. Under Tools, choose Functions from the PowerScheduler menu.
  3. Click Duplicate Scenarios.
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Source Scenario

    Choose the name of the scenario you want to duplicate.

    New Scenario Name

    Enter a name for the new scenario.

    New Scenario Description

    Enter a description of the new scenario.

    Master Schedule

    Select the checkbox to copy the master schedule into the new scenario.

    Student Schedules

    Select the checkbox to copy the student schedules into the new scenario.

    Teacher Assignments

    Select the checkbox to copy the teacher assignments into the new scenario.


    Select the checkbox to copy the constraints into the new scenario.

    Course Relationships

    Select the checkbox to copy the course relationships into the new scenario.

    Be sure to select all of the checkboxes in the "Select items to copy" section to duplicate your current scenario in its entirety

  5. Click Submit.
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