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Data Access Tags


As a PowerSchool user, you search for data on a daily basis. Your searching involves simple search comments, detailed compound searches, and complex search codes. But once you find the data, how do you get it into a report or another usable format? Use PowerSchool codes to add PowerSchool data to object reports, report cards, mailing labels, form letters, and more. PowerSchool data codes are used to retrieve information from the PowerSchool database. PowerSchool will retrieve the data from the fields that you specify for the selected student or group, and inserts that data into your report, letter, or other document type. Data access tags, or DATs, are a special variety of PowerSchool codes that retrieve information from one or more PowerSchool database tables. Many DATs have a special naming convention along with specific rules on how to use the DAT.

Data Access Tag Usage

DATs will function in the following report types:

  • Form Letter
  • Mailing Labels
  • Object Report: Text Object
  • Report Card Header
  • Report Card Footer

Note that some DATs will also function in the following reports and PowerSchool pages:

  • List Students Group Function - usually used with student information DATs.
  • Quick Export – usually used with student information DATs.
  • GPA Student Screens page – usually used with GPA and Credit DATs.
  • AutoSend
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