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Copy Master Schedule

Using the Copy Master Schedule page, you can copy the master schedule (sections) from one year to another.

  1. Navigate to the Copy Master Schedule page.

  2. Click Submit. Only school calendar conflicts are copied as part of the master schedule. Unavailable courses are not copied.

  3. Click Submit.




The school in which you are currently working appears. If this is not the school into which you want to copy master schedule information, change the school by clicking the School link at the top of the page.

Source year

Choose the school year from which you want to copy.

Target year

Choose the school year to which you want to copy.

Clear existing scheduling terms in the destination school year

Select to clear any existing terms in the destination school year and copy terms from the source school year.

Deselect to attempt to match the source and destination terms. If no matches are found, the source terms are added to the destination terms.


Select to confirm that you want to proceed.

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