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Clock In/Clock Out Report

The Clock In/Clock Out Report provides clock in/clock out attendance information for a student or group of students for a specific date range. The report includes the student information (name, number, and grade level), class information (period, course, and section), and clock in/clock out information (date, time, and reason). This information can help you to identify attendance trends for an individual student or across multiple students. This report must be run from the school level.
If your school uses more than one FTE to differentiate students, such as full-time and part-time, and you want to run the report for those sets of students, run the report using Use Defaults.

  1. Navigate to the System Reports page.
  2. Select Clock In/Clock Out.
  3. Choose the criteria for the report.

  4. Click Submit. Once the report is completed, you can view it from the Report Queue page.
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