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Assign Teachers to Summer School

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Once staff decisions have been made, assign teachers access to the summer school. From the staff member's home school, add the summer school to his or her affiliated schools using the Teachers and Affiliations tab on the Security Settings page. Mark the Staff Type as teacher for the staff member to appear on the list of teachers on Teacher Schedules page and so that the teacher can be assigned sections.

Assign Teachers to Summer School

  1. Navigate to the PowerTeacher Access and Affiliations page.
  2. On the Teachers and School Staff section, click Add on the School Affiliations row. 
  3. Select the checkbox next to each summer school you want to add.
  4. Choose Teacher from the Staff Type menu.
  5. Click OK.  
  6. Click Submit

Once teachers have been assigned to a summer school, sections may be created and associated with them. For more information, refer to Sections.

Transfer Active Students Into Summer School(Direct Enrollment Only)

  1. Navigate to the Transfer Out of School page.
  2. Enter an appropriate Date of Transfer and Exit Code. For field descriptions, refer to Transfer Students.
  3. Select the appropriate choice from Auto-Transfer School Options.

    • Choose Transfer to the Summer School set on each student (recommended) if you wish to transfer students to their designated summer school based on their selected summer school indicator. This option will allow you to later use the Transfer to the last enrolled school option after summer school to return the student to their original school before running the End-of-Year process.
    • Choose Transfer to [school] if you wish to ignore the summer school indicator for each student and instead transfer those students to a specific school.
  4. Select Check here if student(s) intend to enroll in school during next school year to preserve the students' future scheduling information for the current school including course requests and next school indicator.
  5. Click Submit

    The students' status is now inactive. From now on, when you want to open the student records, you must enter a forward slash (/) before the students' last name when entering it in the student search.

    If you know that the group is transferring to another school that shares your PowerSchool system, you must also transfer the records to that school before the students can be enrolled there. For more information, refer to Reenroll Students.

Search Commands for Transferred Students

Direct Enrollment: Once students are transferred out of the current school, they are re-enrolled into the applicable summer school. Use the search command line to find all of the summer school students and enroll them as a group.

The transferred-in special group selects all students who have been transferred in to this school but not yet enrolled in this school. In the search field, enter transferred-in and click the search button.

This command line searches for all students with enroll status of "2" (transfer out), where the SchoolID is the current school (transferred to this school) and where the Enrollment_SchoolID is not the current school (transferred from another school to the current one).

However, students who have transferred to a new school then left the district, or students who were never enrolled also display in the search results. To narrow the search, use the "search within results" comparator, signified by a "&" prefix character. For example, enter &/ExitDate>=6/15/17 to display search results of all students transferred in to the summer school after 6/15/17. The "/" prefix used in conjunction with the "&" prefix includes students who are not currently enrolled. Without this prefix, as the original search of "transferred-In" explicitly excludes enrolled students, the search results would display no students.

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