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Admin Access and Roles

Use the Admin and Access Roles page to assign access to the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal and manage roles. Usually, school administrators, PowerSchool administrators, cafeteria personnel, guidance staff, and administrative staff members are provided access to the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal. Whereas, teachers generally are given access to the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Access and Roles page.
  2. Select Sign in to Administrative Portion of PowerSchool to allow the user to sign in to the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal.
  3. Enter a username and password:

    • If PowerSchool SIS as OIDC Service Provider for SSO is enabled, enter the Identity Provider Global ID.

    • If LDAP is enabled, select LDAP Enabled to enable LDAP authentication for this individual staff member. You can use Field Level Security to restrict this information. LDAP Lookup and Clear only appear if you have unrestricted Full Access to Admin Username (USERS.LOGINID) and LDAP Enabled (USERS.ADMINLDAPENABLED). 

    If PowerSchool as a SAML Service Provider is enabled, enter an Admin Username and an Admin Password. Leaving these fields blank generates an unusable username and password.

  4. To assign the staff member to a security group, choose the appropriate Default Group. This security group will be used throughout the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal unless overridden for a specific school by assigning a specific role

  5. To allow the staff member to sign in during specific times:

    • Select Any time for no restrictions on when the staff member can sign in to the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal.
    • Select Allow this user’s access from and choose the time range that the user is allowed to sign in to the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal.
  6. To limit this staff member to only be able to access the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal from certain computers, enter the IP addresses of those computers as Allowed IPs. Separate multiple entries with a comma. This setting only affects the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal. 

  7. Click Roles and Schools to manage the schools you want this user to be affiliated with. 
  8. Click Submit.
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