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Add a Balance Adjustment Constraint

Use a Balance Adjustment constraint to pre-load a course section with a certain number of reserved seats before adding the rest of the students. For example, use this constraint if you have a math class that needs five seats open for SPED students.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page.
  2. Under Scheduling Setup, choose Constraints from the PowerScheduler menu.
  3. Under Load Constraints, choose Balance Adjustment.
  4. Click New.
  5. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Course Number

    Select the name of the course you want to balance.

    Section Number

    Enter the section number of the selected course that you want to balance.


    Select the name of the teacher who instructs this course section.

    Number of Reserved Seats

    Enter the number of seats to be held.

    You must either enter a section number or select a teacher.

  6. Click Submit.
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