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Daily Time Exclusion Terms



Bridge Period

A period defined in the bell schedule that, in addition to the period start/end times, contains the school day start/end times. Only one bridge period is allowed per day. Bridge period and times can change daily, dependent on the school calendar and bell schedule setups.

Daily Attendance

Student attendance marks (tardy, absent) and arrival and dismissal times for an entire school day.

Daily Time Exclusion (DTE)

Time that may be deducted from the maximum daily attendance minutes as set in the bridge period. Deductions are allowed for ADA excluded periods and sections and passing time. This only applies to schools that use the daily attendance method.

Entry Point

Where Daily Attendance minutes are calculated in PowerSchool.

Passing Time

Time between periods (if any), time before student's first period and after last period (if any - determined by the bridge period time range), as well as unscheduled and remote scheduled section time (if any - considered to be passing time).


Synonymous with bell schedule time slot (a bell schedule Item record).

Remote section

Course taken outside of a student's assigned school but at the same district.


The scheduled course for a student.

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